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first of all I do not have any flashlight application, or modification, nothing strange, is the flashlight that comes with the cell, it turns out that when the asset works a few seconds and goes off but not always, I do not know exactly how many seconds, so if they pass those seconds and it does not turn off anymore it does not turn off, even the e got to have hours (one time I forgot that I left it activated and I realized time later) and it had not turned off anything

I do not know what it will be or how to make it go away, I do not understand why sometimes, if it were a bad configuration, something like that was scheduled to go off in a certain time, should not it always be?

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Hi, have you noticed if the computer heats up before it turns itself off? There is no configuration for the system lamp, the only thing that can happen is that the android automatically turn off the lamp once you notice that the temperature increases (for protection). You say you use it a lot, remember that everything wears out and could be the lamp is already deteriorated

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thanks to have been that, change equipment and this does not happen to me so I'll give it for solved
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