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For a very particular reason, I need to control (decrease) the bandwidth, or what is the same, the speed of connection to the internet of my mobile. One solution would be to force him to use the 2g network but Vodafone has eliminated this option. There is an application that allows me to do it. I already probe ## 4636 ... and it does not work on my phone. LG Stylo2 Plus. Thank you

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I'm surprised that you ask the contrary to what the rest of us want. But I will not be the one to judge you.

To the case. If I attend to what you explain, I'm not sure that someone has invented an app so that a smartphone, being connected to the internet, will go slower.

However, if you want to manage the data or not to pass, for that you must enter Settings / Connections / mobile data / data usage. And from there you manage the app that you do not want to connect and / or notify you when you exceed certain mobile data consumption.

A greeting.

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Thank you for your comment
Yes, it really is a very particular case. But what I need is not knowing how much it consumes or limiting some application. What I need is that all the navigation (regardless of the application) use a bandwidth type 2g without the need to disable video or audio in the connection, only limit the bandwidth.
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