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The phone does not recognize me, does not even react when I plug in the external USB, (supposedly compatible with Huawei) Wansenda wsd S100.

What can I do if I can do something?

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I just looked at the manual and it does not have anything that has OTG, I have looked at my wife's lite and it does not connect any pendrive for OTG, on the other hand in the 10 litem, if it takes and works, make sure you can connect it, ask through the app hicare a huawei and that they assure you ...

I looked at the pendrive that you've caught and it's funny, although I have for the phone another "pileup" that micro cards and normal sd of the square, exactly this, hahaha

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Can you test by connecting the phone to the PC with another cable or connect to another PC, if it charges when you connect it normally to the light socket?
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It is not a USB charging, it is an external storage device, with which I intended to store my music, since the spaces for cards, I have them with the two SIM (work and personal). The wansenda this one has an output to connect to the phone, I have tried it with a Smasung S6 or so from a friend and recognizes it instantly. The P9 lite does not change.
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How much capacity is it that you try to connect ?, is that it does not support so much ... Have you ever connected something to that mobile by OTG ?, what browser or app are you trying ???
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It is 128 GB. But from there the problems begin: Do I need an application? I already said that I tried it with a Samsung and it just appeared as a disk drive. But in this one he does not do anything. Therefore, I have not reached the browser or application step. I thought maybe I had to download an application or driver of some kind.
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