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Hello to all although it seems silly I do not know if there is any way to see who enters my chat's and see who has been, the situation is that my partner is toxic this girl is care I have seen my conversations capture my friends and the same thing the forwards, the case is that I want to know if it is possible or if she can see when I have entered her chat without writing anything just look what I have written, this kind of people are delicate to deal with besides making you see what is not and of course I would like to enter and see some conversations we have had without raising suspicion and know if someone enters my chat, I would thank you forever

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You will forgive me, for putting me where they do not call me, but I hallucinate with the post that you put, if so bad you go, stop spying whastapp and get away from it, it's the best you can do ...

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Going in the same as snor, if you have a toxic relationship, then to separate and period.

As for your query, it can not be done normally. Maybe she in your state has put some spy app on you.
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