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Hi everyone, I have a samsung of these and I do not know what's wrong, it has a life of its own, it does not let me

install wassup among others, the symbol appears that the battery is charging when there is no charger connected, when it starts to do this kind of thing I have to restart it, I recently erased the memory but it remains the same, in another it did not let me connect with wifi networks and I had to restart it. I chatted with samsung and told me to take it to the samsung dealer, which must be something serious, and tried to update the software and not got it, not if it is updated. Thank you if anyone knows What's wrong, greetings

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Probably it is virus, install from play store 'total virus' and give it a revised, another thing you can do is reset the equipment to clean everything, this also to rule out that it is a physical problem

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