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Hello, the problem I have is that after formatting the tablet, the download folder does not appear in the gallery, I tried to delete the cache and the gallery data, see if it has the .nomedia file, but nothing, I can not get it out the folder with the images.

Any help or suggestion?

Thank you.

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Now solve the problem, delete the download folder again, take the pictures folder and change the name, and the tablet recognizes it as normal download, it would probably be a permissions issue.

Thanks you all forms.

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When formatting, I suppose you mean to reestablish it from the factory, if so, remember that in doing this, it completely cleans the tablet, deletes applications, documents, photos, videos and everything that you have entered, if you did not support your information, then I regret to tell you that lost everything

Or maybe you refer to the images you downloaded or took after this, if so, then open your gallery and left click on the image, you should leave a choice of properties or details, here gives you the exact location of where you are
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If I already know that, I mean downloading new images, those stored in the download folder, are not displayed in the gallery.
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