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Good morning, yesterday ask if someone knew how to access the root of the phone where is the system folder and there has not been any response? I can not believe that there is no one who knows how to access ... with my S7 without root I entered with ES Explorer without problem or any other, but with the samsung galaxy  S10 I can not find the way ... Can you help me? THANK YOU!

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Many thanks to everyone.

Finally solved using the Premium version of ES Explorer, with the normal version it did not allow me to see the folders of the root.

Thanks again to everyone and excuse the urgency.

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You can access ...
With the ES Explorer, you give the three stripes on the left and a drop-down opens, you hit "local" and then "device" then you look for the "system" folder.
Another thing I understand your desire to urgently look for that folder, but not everyone can see the application at the moment and may take several days to see the topics.
A greeting.
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Well dude, you have to play totally with the app if you saw something different, there you have the answer and I already doubted that Samsung has removed access. The majority is not in the curro, little patience

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