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Yesterday afternoon I updated my Samsung Galaxy S8 as I always do when an update comes up and the phone itself tells me.

It was a slower update than usual due to the amount of things that have changed.

I think it has been updated to Android 9.

Specifically the version of the update is the G950FXXU4DSBA

The problem with which I am finding is that the phone does not pick up the 4G signal or 3G. Only two or three dashes appear but without any additional signal indicator (3G, 4G or others).

Actually I can not connect to the Internet if it is not through the WIFI.

It happens to me wherever I am and it can not be my telephone company because my wife has the same and in the places where we have been without WIFI she had connection and I did not.

I have the data activated and I have not changed anything in the configuration before or after the update.

Can you please help me?

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Probably the access points of your cellular company were deleted, go to internet settings - mobile network and search if it brings the access points for internet and mms, if it does not bring them and it was updated to android 9 you can download them with connected wifi from the option 'download settings for internet and mms', if you do not bring this option you must search the internet for your company's settings since they vary greatly in each

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