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I tell them my case. I recently bought a new camera for my xperia c5 ultra since I found out that it is very common for them to fail. I did not see the icon to switch to the front camera so I started to investigate if it was software or hardware problem until I came to the conclusion that it is a mistake of the same camera and needed to replace it.

I bought the camera, it has been installed and I have seen how they did it to check that they did not move to anything else, and it was my camera, but it was replaced from its front camera but at the moment of entering the camera It still does not appear icon to rotate the camera.

We format the cell phone, both hard reset and from the same sony app and nothing. Does not appear I updated the software to the device that allows me and neither.

Can you help me or give your feedback about what will be happening? THANK YOU!

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Hello, did the Sony camera change it? or was it with some general repairer of cell phones? In any case you should have returned the equipment verifying the correct functioning of the new camera, I am not an expert in hardware but I think the change did not work, let's move on to the following: You comment that you can not find the icon to turn camera, this happens to you only with the camera application or with any application? Try to check that it works in another application such as whatsapp, at the moment press send photo brings an own icon to use front camera, if it does not work then they definitely did not make the change well and it would be best to return with those who did the work to fix it (or do your job well: P). If it works well in another application then probably the camera application is damaged, you can do 2 things:

1. Try another camera application, in play store there are many options.

2. Reinstall the entire operating system of the cell phone but not with PC Companion of Sony but with Flashtools, this application brings everything you need to do it, even with the latest versions you can find the most appropriate firms for your model.

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