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Greetings to all, I do not know if I'm in the right forum, I'll tell you. Google has a section called My activity, there is registered all the applications that the user uses, the searches etc that were done with the phone. I have not deactivated this registry in Google and nevertheless two months ago that nothing records only the Youtube history. My question is, does the Samsung Galaxy S8 have any function that prevents the registration of this activity even if everything is activated on Google? Maybe by setting up my phone I touched something that caused this.

Thank you

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Somewhere you have blocked it, you must check all the configuration of the mobile or else the google account in "my activity" and look to activate what you have removed

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Hello nbf,

Yesterday I remembered that I activated Bixby, could that be the cause, or that has nothing to do with the registration of the activity of my phone by Google?

Thank you
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Well look at it just in case and try to deactivate it ...
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