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Hello people!
I have a dynamic website with various internal pages, which is generating a lot of traffic from robots me. As seen in this graph Awstats trafficking royal visits is only 357 MB, and 5.59 GB of robots:
Is this normal?
The site in question is responde.com.ar only php, html, js, ajax, nothing unusual images ...

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A few months ago I opened a post to talk about the same since a friend of mine they were using bots over the plan he had hired.
Excessive traffic Googlebot
Try changing the crawl rate of Googlebot:
Webmaster Tools> Settings> Crawl rate> Limit the maximum frequency tracking Google> Bass> Save
See if it works for you, my friend ran him.
Anyway, in CPanel Awstats take a look at the "Guided Robots / Spiders" and bot will tell you what exactly it is that you are consuming the entire width, if it is to Google, Bing, etc.

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