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Good evening  I have a HUAWEI Y7 2018 Model TRT-LX3, this asks me to update system a month ago and today I restart myself continuously. I reset it to the factory setting and it does not start it does not stop asking to update the EMUI, I connect to the wifi and I update it and it sends me an error in the search of the updated version, it does not happen there.

You can send me to the site to download a start file to start it from the microusb.

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That in a computer you download and install the program of huawei for your models called "HiSuite" (if you give it in the name of HiSuite that the colleague left in the message that answered you, this will take you to the page where you can download it) and through that program try to update your mobile.

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Another option you can try is to download Hisuite to a computer and from there connect the mobile and see if you can update it from the
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I did not understand
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