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First of all to thank the author of the program and also to present some observation that if corrected could be very useful for the blind.

The ideal program by voice would be one that only with opening the mobile, and only with the voice you could call and hang up the contacts. The ok google fulfills some characteristics, but there is no very specific guide of the screen by voice, and when a blind person has to start touching icons, it is already lost. The ideal would be the safer communication screen-person, say for example who wants to call (google seems to say it but it does not come out) call and then say hang or stop and leave. Speak 2 coll I do not know if it meets these requirements but it seems that you have to press some accesses. Well, (music) thanks.

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. I say to Google "Call me at ... -name of the contact- and call ... when you want.

To finish the communication I have no problem, I press the power button and the call ends. For this you have to enter settings / accessibility / and activate "start button hangs". Depending on the installed android you may have to enter some accessibility sub menu to access this option.

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