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How to take a screenshot Meizu Zero

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By buttons,

You can get a quick capture on almost any smartphone, not just on the Meizu Zero, by pressing the volume Down and power buttons. To do this, you only have to press both at the same time and by keeping them pressed, the capture will automatically trigger.

It is the universal method. For this you will have to be located on the screen you want to capture, press these 2 buttons at the same time and that's it.

By quick adjustments

Another option, if you prefer to be cooler and move on from the previous method, is to scroll down the quick settings on your Meizu mobile. One of the options you will see will be the screenshot. It is the icon that we show you in the following image ...

You only have to click on that scissor icon that says screenshot from your Meizu Zero mobile and you can make screenshots or screenshots on your mobile whenever you need it. Easy and fast by means of these two options.

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