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Solution to Windows: "Error in the service user's profile at logon"

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This little problem started appearing recently in many notebooks and netbooks with Windows 7 and Vista, and it really is very annoying because you do not recognize your login password, although obviously're typing as good as ever.
It comes with a screen that blocks access and says, in the version in Castilian:
The User Profile Service failed to start session.
Unable to load the user profile.
And those who use Windows in English see the following:
The user profile service failed the logon.
User profile can not be loaded
But do not panic, it's not a virus; is a Windows error that occurs when for some reason, such as an interrupted update, the user profile is damaged and can not find the info needed to allow us to enter.
Has a solution, it is not simple but it works. Read the article carefully and patiently to ten minutes is resolved.
Clarification No. 1: the method is for the error that arises in Windows 7 and Vista eventually. There are no guarantees it will work with Windows 8 and above. In Windows 7 the method works only if you received the exact same error message discussed above. But in Windows 8 they can test only at your own risk.
Clarification No. 2: If you want to access the files to be copied by hand from another user profile and the system tells them not have permission, that's normal, is a simple measure up Windows. They just have to right click on the folder that username, Properties, Security, add the user of you with all items marked privileges, and then click Advanced Options, Permissions, Change Permissions, Add, put your username mark the option "Replace all child object permissions ...", OK (going to take a while to implement this), and then OK in the other window remains open. This is to manually copy files from other users that have, to make backup. This is what would a technician to rescue those files.
First restart the computer and load Windows in Safe Mode. For this, after the first screen that displays the computer just turns, start pressing the F8 key many times without stopping. On some machines we may appear first boot menu, which can appear as a blue visor asking if we want to boot from the hard disk, DVD, pendrive, etc; and that is not so very quickly touch Esc and then F8 again. There yes, we the options menu Windows startup, we will select the option "Safe Mode" must appear and touch Enter for the load:
windows 7 startup options
If you normal loading Windows logo appears it's because you played later. Tranqui, just hook the right time to open the menu. So when Windows finishes loading, without putting the password, go to the menu to restart the computer, so keep trying.
Booting into Safe Mode will give us the option to enter an Admin user, if we have one. In 95% of cases appears Manager and this is key for you to follow through with this tutorial. If you are an Admin user does not appear at this point, stop reading this and take him to a computer technician to backup your files and reinstall everything.
Once started with the Administrator, we note that our records are not visible on the desktop. This is NORMAL because we are entering by a different user.
Now touch the Start button and we type regedit, we must open the icon will appear:
CAUTION: regedit is the application that can handle raw whole configuration and operation of Windows. So let's find what we need change and went, no curiosees or modify anything to not be necessary if you do not know what you do because that's the best way to spoil a Windows.
Now go deploying branches showing the program up to:
      • Microsoft
        • Windows NT
          • CurrentVersion
            • ProfileList
Now you should see two folders starting with S-1-5-xx and follows a very long number. One of the two folders adds a .bak at the end of the name.
Inside that folder with the .bak must look for the item ProfileImagePath and double clicking. It should show something like C: \ users \ yourusername. If the user name you want to repair says, then so good.
Then, taking care not to delete or modify other data, we will exchange the .bak from one key to another. For this, we will first rename the .bak does not say: right click on its name, rename, we add .ba the end and touch Enter.
Then, which says .bak, you delete the .bak at the end:
And at first we change that took the .ba, we add k, so it is saying .bak:
ATTENTION: If instead of two folders, we had only read .bak at the end, you simply delete the .bak. And if you have multiple folders, you just have to work with containing your username to notice the ProfileImagePath key as explained above.
We're almost done ... Now in the folder WITHOUT .BAK, we double click on the item RefCount, type 0 (zero) and we enter.
And in the same section, the SIN .BAK folder, open the item State, type 0 (zero) and we enter.
Now close the Registry Editor regedit.
Restart the computer fingers crossed.
And try to log on normally with the password that we were using.
95% of cases are solved with this tutorial. If you did not work, leave me a comment and I will try to assist you.
And good advice for everyone: always have a copy of your important files off the computer, an external disk, a flash drive, another PC, the Internet, or even as attachments in your mail box. It does not take an expert to avoid losing data, but you have to know that Windows or hard disk can fail one day, and that day would have to be able to laugh because you had a secured copy of your files.
If you give Me Gusta served or else leave me a comment to let others know that works
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and perform the procedure error disappears the windows starts but does not load the desktop is only accessible to the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Del
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Hi sada, if you followed the procedure correctly, your computer may have a further problem. When you play Ctrl + Alt + Del and task manager, go to File> Run menu appears, I wrote explorer and tap Enter. Then restart the computer normally. If still does not appear, you should create a new user: from the Task Manager, File> Run: control to open the Control Panel. Ahi let users, create a new user with another name (for now no password), and before continuing make a last attempt from that window Users look for the user you did not work the desk and you assign a password (or cambiás which will have!). Restart the PC normally and try to login with the new password that gave problems. If it also gives you problems, then we enter the new user we generate. And we must move hand data from the old to the new user. They are in C: Documents and Settings under the name of the problematic user find that within has the Desktop folder, My Documents, and Favorites. If you are using Microsoft Outlook'll have to google a tutorial on how to backup Outlook PST hand (which do not include it here because it is quite lengthy) files. The same if you were using also Skype, Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express, they must bacapearse hand.
I hope you have served. Greetings!
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