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Google Play Store: Solution to all connection errors

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Error 101
Problem: We have too many applications installed.
Solution: Desinstalaremos applications that do not use, Google will delete our account and we will add.
Error 403
Problem: You can not download because we are using multiple accounts to buy applications in one device.
Solution: We have activated the correct Google account. Desinstalaremos the application. Will try to install it.
Error 413 play store 
Problem: Problem caused in most cases by a proxy.
Solution: We will go to Settings> Applications and All. Seek Google Services and will click Clear Data. Do the same with the Play Store, and then empty the cache our Internet browser.
Error 481
Problem: Error with our Google account
Solution: We will delete your Google account and use another, after that you can access can try with your real account.
Error 489 play store 
Problem: Failed to download apps and games from the Play Store
Solution: We will go to Settings> Applications, and seek Play All Store. Empty the cache.
Error 491
Error 491
Problem: Unable to download and update Apps.
Solution: We will remove our Google account in Settings> Accounts, we will restart our device and we will add our own. Then we head to Settings> Applications, All, and we'll find Google Services. We will press on it and finally on "Clear Data" (Delete Data).
Error 492
Problem: The problem is the Dalvik Cache.
  Solution: We will delete the cache and will force the arrest of Google Services and Google Play in Settings> Applications> All.
Note: If this does not work try to delete the Dalvik Cache.
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