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Greetings to all!

A few hours ago, a Nexus 5 mobile phone purchased by eBay arrived. The same, as I have placed in the description, does not turn on. It has been left charging for multiple hours and the phone continues to react in the same way as the first time it tried to start: the red light flashes about five times and goes off.

When the mobile is connected to the charger the light only blinks a few times and then turns off.

It is urgent to find a solution to the problem in the next few hours. Otherwise, a return of the product will be requested.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

PS: if you need images, ask for them privately or otherwise, since it does not allow me to attach links or images because I am a new user.

We just noticed that the charger with which the phone has come does not completely enter the USB port. We tested with another charging cable (generic) and the phone flashes repeatedly without turning off the light and, incidentally, is inserted completely.

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I was going to say, try another charger from another mobile, which is sure to charge and otherwise ask for a refund, because the battery is not good and maybe that's the problem ...
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