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I have contracted fiber at home. The modem emits two signals, one that is 2.4Ghz and the other 5Ghz.

The fact is that, sporadically, my phone stops recognizing the 5Ghz network. It simply disappears from the options. However, I can see the rest of the 5Ghz networks of the building.

There are 3 more phones at home and a couple of laptopts that are connected to 5Ghz without problems. They were never disconnected. So I rule out the modem / router.

Has something similar happened to someone else? I searched the web without results.

Thank you!

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That happens to me sometimes, and it happened to me with my previous My Note, but the fact is that the 5G network disappears for the rest of the devices as well, I have vodafone and it is clear that it is the router, it seems different problem than yours, but I pressing the wps button of the router that turns off and on the wifi is fixed.

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