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Has your Huawei P10 Plus got wet and does not charge? We give you the solution

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Two new members of the Huawei family, the P10 and P10 +, came on the market less than a month ago. If you are one of the lucky ones that has been done with one of them congratulations. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who have wet them and do not burden you, do not worry. Has your Huawei P10 Plus got wet and does not charge? We give you the solution

While most current smartphones can get wet, there are dips and dives. It's something that has happened to everyone, for example, going to the bathroom and when we get up we see that the mobile has fallen. Not only throwing your head in the water can fail the mobile, simply with the fact of getting wet can also fail and one of the most common failures is not being able to load.

Why do not you charge?

While we have mentioned that one of the most common failures is the load, we are not saying that it always happens, in fact it is difficult to pass, the mobiles when it rains get wet like the others. Like its little brother, the P9, the charging connector of the P10 + detects when the smartphone has become wet. This security system that has stopped charging so that voltage does not reach the plate of the mobile and no rust, making the plate unusable.

Remember that, while the phone is wet, you must leave it off so that there is no electricity on the plate to dry it, we always have the option of the rice jar. Another idea would be to leave it next to a computer, the fan that has produced enough heat to be able to dry it.

If after a few days it continues without loading, you still have options:

Take it to an official store, they will decide if they repair it in warranty (humidity does not usually) or if they give you a budget.

If you are a handyman and you dare, you can open it yourself. Of course, always with the necessary tools. For this a good option is to use a small brush with alcohol to clean the sulphated areas.

  And you, have you been able to fix it?

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