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It seems that some users have detected that some calls they receive are automatically rejected and a rejected call message is sent ("Sorry, I can not speak right now, please return the call later"). While the main problem is obviously the rejection of calls, users who have limited plans and must pay for SMS have another reason to worry.

For some users, deactivating Easy Mute seems to be the trick. We go to Settings> Advanced functions and disable it. If the configuration is already off, turn on and then turn off again.

To a large extent, this problem seems to be related to Edge Lighting. Go to Settings> Display> Edge Screen> Edge Lighting, touch the three vertical points in the upper right corner and open the Quick Response. We can disable this function until a permanent solution is established. The ability to disable the configuration has been released with a recent update. If we still do not see this option, the only solution is to turn off the Edge light completely.

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