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I have a samsung s7 edge that suffered a blow and since then the cameras do not work or flash or flashlight. (It is black when I go to the camera and camera error comes out and when I give the flashlight I get that the flash light is being used in another application)

since then I tried ALL (reboots, clean cache, reinstall everything, restore factory, use other camera apk, remove battery etc and in what is hardware change the spare camera and NOTHING.) Try everything that was within my reach and the problem continues.

I took it to a technician and he told me that I check it and maybe the problem is the board, which has to be changed by another one. is this possible? because the phone works PERFECT in every way except this problem.

Is there an alternative before buying another plate? That is not what I tried.

Is there a way to fix the board or see where the problem may be?

the phone was disarmed several times and in all connectors (flex) are well placed, nothing loose. HELP PLEASE. I do not want to have to spend so much money

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It's a plaque problem. I also happened with my previous mobile and I changed the plate and it worked great. But for my misfortune the week I fell in the water and already gave up and I bought another. (laughing) You will have to change the plate to fix it, at least I had to do it because I did not fit another. Luck!

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