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My problem is of second order, since I have finished giving a palliative solution.

The underlying problem is that Google Maps, latest version, does not load the map, indicates that the network connection fails, but I have checked with several Wi-Fi networks and it is not solved, besides everything else is linked to the network without problems . My interim solution has been to use an older version of Google Maps.

What have I done?

- Clear data from Google (following instructions from Samsung)

- Restore the tablet to the factory version

- Reinstall firmware with Odin (3 times because it did not work correctly)

- My next step should be to make a remote assistance connection with Samsung, but I am hoping to find an option to resolve it with the forum

Well, if anyone has an idea of what the problem may be, go ahead!

Thank you!

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Have you tried downloading the maps, to see them offline?

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Hello, thank you

When starting the application, different things happen depending on whether a first attempt or second attempt.

One is: there is a black screen and after a while a message appears that "The application does not respond"

Another is: Everything normal appears, with the window where the map should be, but blank.

Now, after your comment, I downloaded a map offline and the download process seemed normal (I could not choose the area). When launching Maps, where the map should appear, this time I have appeared pois (points of interest) of "My Google Sites", but without a map, on a white background.

I have tried restarting Maps several times, with negative results.

I must mention that I have other map applications and the maps appear correctly.
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Well honestly I do not know what may be happening, if other apps work, forget about it and use another ...
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Of course, I will forget it! since the old version is useful for me, the only problem is that when I do not know the cause of a problem, I am afraid that there may be a defect that alters other applications or functions and I wanted to solve it ...

Anyway, I have assumed that it is not fixed. ;)

Thanks for the interest!
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