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Good night, after the last security update of my tel J7 Prime I found the problem that sound does not work, for calls exclusively in Bluetooth. The sound works well in multimedia. It does not work in the car, or in speakers, or computers, or Bluetooth headsets.
When I went to the branch of my telephone company they told me that it was a problem of the last update of the security patch of June 1, 2018 of Samsung.
When I contacted Samsung they took note but told me to wait for the fix.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve it?
From already thank you very much.

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Today, and due to the large number of claims I made in Samsung maybe, came a new security patch from Samsung which fixed the bug described above and released almost one more gigabyte of phone space. Thanks Samsung for fixing it, I only had to wait almost thirty days without being able to use the bluetooth in calls. Hmmmm !!!!!!!!!

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The same happens to me. Strangely I do not see complaints on the Internet.
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