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I have an Iphone 6s plus and from one day I can not hear my whatsapp audios with the internal speaker (when I put it close to my ear).

The internal speaker works perfectly with phone calls.
He has not received any type of blow or water has entered him.
I hear the audios perfectly with the normal speaker and when using headphones too.

The problem is when I want to listen to it privately and I play the voice note and I put it close to my ear. I do not hear anything and when I turn it away I see the speaker symbol with a line in the middle. And already check to have the high volume without the blockade of notifications and allowed the access of whatsapp to the microphone.

I already turned off and on the phone several times, I have also restarted pressing the home buttons and block, and delete and reinstalled the application and nothing.

I hope someone can help me, thanks.

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If it is only with WhatsApp, delete the app and reinstall to see if it helps
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I already manage to fix it. It was that listening to an audio whatsapp had lowered the entire volume. So to fix it, what I had to do was give play to the voice note, bring it closer to the ear and when I had it, upload the whole volume. It's as if the audios of whatsapp when you listen to it with the internal speaker has its own volume different from the rest of the phone.
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Hi, I do not know if you have solved it already, it's very easy you just have to listen to a long audio in the ear while you turn up the volume without removing it from the ear. The iphone has separate speakers and the internal one has no volume. It's just that, it happened to me and it's already solved.
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Thank you ! I solved the problem
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I have not been able to solve it! And it works perfectly! I already reinstalled the app but it does not work. And I also uploaded the volume to the ear and nothing I do? Could you please help me?
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You just have to turn the camera, lower the volume and start! Proba just throw me the data and it worked
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Hello for me it was ... I made video call in WhatsApp .. Using front camera ... And when wanting to hear an audio with speaker ... It was muted even if it was at Max volume ... but the problem was with all applications not only with WhatsApp audios .. Into Facebook the videos could not be heard ... Between the telegram, the audios could not be heard ... I thought my phone was wet ...
But the comment of gabrielabergelin solved my problem ... I turned on my phone .. I opened the camera ... And turned it ... I went to WhatsApp and played the audio and boom solved
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