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Hello everyone,
For a couple of days, I have received a notification on my Samsung J5 2016, which states the following:

"File system limit
Too many files have been created on the phone. Applications may stop working properly and the phone may not turn on again. Make a backup of the important data and reset the phone to the factory settings. "

The applications already begin to fail me and many of them I can execute them. It seems as if you reach the limit of files that can be created and even if you erase some, the error continues and the apps do not run. I have already made a backup.
My question is:
Do I proceed to restore the factory or can there be a solution without having to arrive at that?

Thanks in advance and greetings.

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The same thing happened to me ... I reset it to the factory and after two days the same message appeared again ... I'm going to try to stick it to a Custo rom

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Thanks for the reply.
In the end I solved it yesterday. Within the android folder folders had been created that did not know anything and that did not correspond with any of the apps that I have installed. These folders had thousands of files of the smallest size. I deleted them and everything works ok now and the error message went away.
I imagine that it would have been a virus that exploited the vulnerability of the file system files limit.
I already passed antivirus and all ok.

Thank you.
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