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fix the "Accessing" or "Logging in" error in Hangouts

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Steps to fix the "Accessing" or "Logging in" error in Hangouts

  • Uninstall Hangouts and its derived applications if you have them. An example of a Hangouts-based application is the Hangouts call dialer that is installed in a separate App.
  • Download it again and run it, it will ask for some permissions on your mobile. Grant the permissions to the application and that's it.

Already with that should not show the problem of staying in "Accessing." However, if for some reason the inconvenience continues, try the following solutions:


Delete data from the Hangouts app

  • Go to the application manager.
  • Find the Hangouts app and select it.
  • Press the button that says "Clear data".
  • Try opening the application again.

Try restarting the mobile

  • Sometimes the mobile device is the cause of the problem and with just a restart it is solved.


Clear the Google Chrome cache

  • Open the Google Chrome browser, go to the menu and select "Settings".
  • You will see several options, look for the one that says "Privacy" and select it.
  • Select where it says "Clear data".
  • In that part you can delete the browser data. Select the cache and press the delete button.

Another diagnosis you can make is to try Hangouts with your Google account from a computer, to check if it is an inconvenience with Google servers or if it is a problem that you have in your cell phone.

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