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When the error MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 0x0000001A appears, it is because the memory of the system is damaged or at least defective. When a system memory is damaged or defective, the operating system automatically sends the error in the form of a blue screen giving you an alert to solve it. In short, the error appears when the computer can not process or rejects the limit of processes that support your RAM. IN THIS TUTORIAL WE ARE GOING TO EXPLAIN THE SOLUTION.

The main cause of the problem is not giving proper maintenance to the computer, as it can get dirty or appear a broken cable and then cause many errors in the computer. In the case of memories, it is important to clean your connectors, as it may be a connection error with the motherboard.

Steps to solve the error 0x0000001A MEMORY_MANAGEMENT


  • Restart the computer and then press the "F8" key several times.
  • When you press the "F8" key several times, you will see a black screen in which you select the "Safe Mode" option.
  • Then a large series of commands will appear indicating that the "System32" files are "Loading". Do not touch anything, just wait for the files to load.
  • Then Windows will start and you will go to the "Windows Search" and search for "Windows Memory Diagnostics".
  • Then a window will open and you will click on the option that says "Restart now and check if there are problems (Recommended)".
  • Pressing that option, a blue screen "Loading a content" will appear. Do not press anything until it is charged.
  • Finally, Windows will start and the problem will be solved.

If these steps did not work, check if the memories are in good condition, you can remove them and clean their teeth and then put them back, because sometimes the error 0x0000001A arises when they are dirty with dust. Keep in mind that if your RAM is very defective, it will not stop showing you this error and the final solution could be to change them.

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