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Help with failed root in J7 Prime
Hello dear
Well, I do not know what I did wrong (I think I installed an inappropriate rom for the cel) but I can not find a solution, even though I read forums and try things, the language gets very complicated. The question is that I wanted to root the J7 prime sm-g610m with Nougat to be able to do the mapping of an ipega control, but as a result what I got was an erroneous TWRP flashing (malfunctioning).
I gave it a day of use restored from the factory according to the tutorials from TWRP, but the cell phone works very badly. The applications will open and close, the camera will not work and the cel will freeze and several more faults. If the rom worked well, I would give the same, but it works lousy.
What I did was downloading from flashing a rom and it seems that it is not correct, but now I can not find one and besides it gives me something to put more hands and I do not know what to do, the tutorials repeat the same and do not say anything of what happens to me . I only want to return the cel to its natural state but since TWRP it does not leave me since it is only restored with the same bad rom and the errors are repeated.
Thank you very much,

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you can not understand very well if you need only nougat or you also need to have the phone rooted. If you only need the first thing, the easiest thing is to flash the official rom 7.0 with Odin (which is tutorial here), you do not need to use twrp. You can download the firmware from sammobile or from where you are comfortable.

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thank you very much for answering.
Originally I had the cell phone with Nougat and without root. The beginning of this was that I wanted to root it (the warranty is over and I bought an ipega joystick that works better with root, so I want to root it).
I would love the rooted phone, but after that I do not feel very safe. Do you know how I could root it in a more secure way? The way I used and failed all this included a series of commands that were executed, very long and cumbersome. I had rooted before and in general they were programs that make a hit, but in this case I did not find a better way.
I have the official rom downloaded, but all the tutorials say that for Odin you have to be in downloading mode and if I do the key combination for the downloading it will load me by default twrp, therefore, that is one of my problems, I can not go to downloading mode to try to flash the stock rom.
I also read on one side that the way was flashing a new original recovery, which I also have. That to change to twrp as recovery, but I have the same problem, I can not go to the downloading mode and it goes by default to twrp.
In the end, it's not that I want to use twrp, but that the app has control over what I do.

Thank you very much.
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I've seen out there diving through Google, that there is some program for PC, to restart in Download mode without key combination for Samsung.
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 I also saw something like that out there.

I could enter the download mode of twrp, but the process does not end when I upload the rom since odin I downloaded in sammobile.

Which may be?

Please help!

Thank you very much...
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The rom must be the exact same model as your terminal. You may also have some type of security lock enabled in the settings.
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I managed to restore it well with a sammobile rom of my model, but it is not correct. The rom only shows me 4GB of memory vs the original 16 (it is collapsed without putting anything). This time in the rom things work well. Only the memory happens to me and the settings menu is different.

What do you mean by a type of block? How could I solve that?
And what about memory?

Thank you very much
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It would be great if you can attach a photo of what you see different or think that works wrong. I think what Diego is referring to is the oem unlock, but if you installed twrp you should have activated it already.
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Thank you very much to both ....
Finally I was able to download, I tried several roms until one worked and then I managed to root it, which was what I wanted. Solved. Thank you.
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