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Windows Phone 7 is a robust, fast and easy to manage platform. But it has a weak point that is troubling to many users and we expect it to be fixed in Windows Phone 8: notifications.
Notifications in Windows Phone can be divided into two types:
Push, or those in the top bar screen
Live Tile, or that change the appearance of living mosaics
Applications typically combine quality Push notifications with Live Tile. Thus if we are unaware of Push notifications whenever we can then see in the Live Tile. An example: new message WhatsApp first reported in the top bar screen and then the number of new messages appear in the Live Tile WhatsApp.
The main complaint from users is that a special notification menu where all unread messages are saved is created, and a notification appears on the lock screen. Currently if the application does not have a Live Tile and you get a notice that you have not heard, the only way to find out the notified novelty is opening the application.
But often happens that applications simply do not reach. There are several reasons for this to occur:
  • The mobile has activated battery saving mode, in this case or get Push Notifications and Live Tile updates
  • The version of the mobile operating system is pre-Mango (less than 7720), in this case there is a limit of 15 applications can send push notifications. The solution is to go erasing minor applications or upgrade to Windows Mobile Phone 7.5 Mango or higher
  • The notification server or the application itself has some kind of problem that prevents send notifications
If the problem persists with any particular application we recommend deleting the mobile and reinstall.
If the problem occurs with various applications, we recommend doing a hard reset of the phone (Settings → Information → reset your phone) .Before do the hard reset is recommended to synchronize the phone with Zune content and make a backup with Backup WP7.
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