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I have new android device and ı want to delete my old device from my google acount please help me?


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You cannot remove the device, but you can hide it,
You can hide devices from appearing on the menus of Google Play installation or add nicknames for your devices in the configuration page of Google Play Store.
Change the devices shown on Google Play
You can change the devices that appear on Google Play or lost if you bought a device and do not want to be displayed when you download applications Google Play.
To hide a device, follow these steps:
Access Google Play on your computer.
Click the Settings gear icon and then Settings.
In My devices, select the check boxes under "Visibility" to select the devices you want to appear in the menus.

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The Android Market Google Play alias automatically links your android device whenever you sync with your Gmail account. Here's how to delete.

How to remove a device tied to your Google Play account?

Synchronize your Gmail account on your device to facilitate resettlement processes when restoring factory I do not mind, but how do I do to delete my Google Play account at one time? Well it's true what! My phone, my tablet, I like me changed regularly! If I do not, sooner or later my smartphone or tablet will give up the ghost and I should change it then it will be useless to keep my old camera linked to my account.

If you have a tablet and an Android smartphone, Google will offer to choose which device you want to install the application. This is also the case when you synchronize with multiple smartphones or tablet. To avoid choosing each time, we can “remove” unnecessary appliances.

In reality, it is not really possible to remove a device tied to your Google Play account!

But it is possible to "hide" a unit to no longer see it appear in the list.

To hide a device from your Google Play account:

  • Go on Google Play
  • Connect with the account that has been linked to mask the device.
  • At the top right of the screen, click on Settings (the little gear)
  • Then click on "My Orders & Devices" 
  • Meet Now in the "Devices" tab to see a list of your smartphone and tablet related to your gmail account
  • To hide one of them, just uncheck the box "displayed in the menus"
  • To confirm the change, click  "edit" to the end of the line then "update" 
  • It is now over; this unit does not appear in the list of available devices.
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