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Hello, to see if someone can guide me.
I have an S7 Edge, when I get a WhatsApp, a text message, an email or a calendar notification, after notifying the first time, the minute starts again and they do not stop ringing until I open them.
In the other applications I have blocked the notifications and notifications directly.
As I deactivate it, it drives me crazy.
Thanks and best regards

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You have to enter settings - applications and in each of them you want to remove notifications, now this option is inside each app ...

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Hello mihran, thanks for the answer, but that is not the solution, if it is individually for each application, but not for when you do not read something and keep warning indefinitely.
Anyway I've been finding out and I pass the data in case someone serves him:
Go to: Settings / Accessibility / Notice notifications and there "disable".
Again, thank you for your prompt response, and best regards.
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Claudio, and then entering Settings you could solve it? if so, it would be good if you marked your query as 'Answered'
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Thank you I was two days
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