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How to turn off BIXBY button in Note 9

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I open thread to explain how to deactivate the Bixby button in Note 9, since from version 2 that is installed, Samsung has removed the possibility of deactivating it.

We will need the Play Store:
- Package Disable Pro + Samsung
- BxActions (if we want to remap)

Note: I have used these two applications that are paid. Possibly others do the same.

1. We install PDPro + Samsung and disable the following services:


"Bixby" voice wake-up
Bixby Service
Bixby Voice Stub
Bixby Home

With this, the Bixby button with Bixby will no longer be mapped.

2. If we want to remap any application or service with the button, we install BxActions.

In Reassign buttons:


In this case, the camera would jump when the bixby button is pressed, both the screen on and active and in lock *

* Lock screen does not work well. It only works well if we have reached the blocking screen, blocking the mobile with a third-party app, in my case Nova Launcher.

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