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Hi, I have a problem with my Huawei P20 lite and I would like to receive help, my name is David and on my cell phone it is activated that my notifications are shown on the lock screen, but they are still not displayed. I can not find any way to show them and restart the cell and turn off and turn on everything

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Hello, I think that with these steps, I'm sure you solve that error of not showing or being able to see the notifications of Huawei P20:

Applications and Notifications
Select the application you want to show> Notifications> More settings> Popup notification
The interesting thing is that there will always be a Pop-UP pop-up warning for announcements.

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This I also think that it helps you.


Go to Face Unlock Settings that you have in Security options and there Deactivate the smart lock screen notifications. You will see that your problem is solved. Give us points if you solve David!
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