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someone can tell me how to solve a problem I have with "Contacts" on my smartphone. For days I have not seen some contacts in the "Contacts" application and not on the SIM card from where I wanted to recover them. The phone numbers and their holder if they are somewhere because they have called me and appear in Phone "recent calls" identified perfectly. If I go to the holder's information and click on "see contact" the screen appears as if they were in "Contacts" and if I go to WhatsApp they also appear, but in case I want to call them I have no choice but to call them from WhatsApp is where I have them located, not in "Contacts". They are phone numbers that I have had for a long time and I have used them frequently, this is happening to me for a week or so and I do not know why or how to solve it.
I need help

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Check the permissions of the application ....

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What phone are we talking about? Version of Android has the same?
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Version of Android 6.0.1, it is a Sony Xperia Z3

The "storage permissions" of the application are all green. I have never modified them and this story has started to happen recently.
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And you have not touched or modified any option in the agenda. There is an option that puts contacts to show and should be marked in all contacts.
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Saol, in my application "Contacts" there is no option to "show contacts"
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I actually have an LG G6. However something will change, but it can not differ too much from yours.
The route to access is as follows: In contacts, menu of the 3 dots 'menu overflow' / Settings of contacts / Display -> This is where I get to choose 'Contacts to show' between them All contacts.
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Saol, it's not the same at Sony.
In "Settings" gives me the following options: Accounts and synchronization. Service dialing numbers and Speed ​​dialing. None of the options leaves me All contacts

Tecnopad, how did you solve it?
Today I have been with one of those guys who know everything about mobile phones and he told me that those who did not appear in Contacts, I would register them as new. I have done that and nothing, they still do not appear. Did I shoot myself or throw the phone?

Solved. I have contacted Sony and they have solved them for me. For someone who has the same problem the solution is the following:
In this case we recommend that you check the following options. Go to: CONTACTS> Click the options icon> FILTER. That the "CONTACTS ON LINE / CONTACTS CONNECTED" box is not activated. And in the section "SHOW CONTACTS", activate the boxes of the different accounts where these contacts can be, in order to visualize them in the calendar application.
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