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Hi. For some time now I have noticed that the battery charge of my S4 has slowed considerably. Before, it was enough with 1 or 1.5 hours to complete a load and now I do not lower it by 4 hours. It is the circumstance that I have changed to the battery recently (the previous one has lasted almost 4 years) because it had started to give me problems. I have reviewed the applications and apparently everything is the same.
I do not know if it will have something to do with the age of the mobile since it is now 4.5 years old, but it is going well and I do not feel like getting into another purchase.
Can you tell me something?
Thank you very much

P.S. The slowdown has started with the new battery. Bought in Amazon and s / catalog, the same model as the original.

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Hi, the problem that I had with the S4 was that it was charging fast and was downloading fast, despite having changed the battery. Maybe you need a Samsung Fast Charger Charger, not turbo because the S4 is not compatible.

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Maybe, even if it was purchased on Amazon, the battery is not original. How long does the battery last once you fully charge it?
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