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I'm new to the forum. Some time ago I use a Samsung galaxy s7 which for lack of payment in my old operator has been blocked (denied the imei) it turns out that when I paid and I changed the operator they did not know how to solve the problem ... so I decided to Take it somewhere and get it released. Note that the one that repaired me I leave with Android 6.0 (I had it in 7.0) he explained that it was because in that version of Android the patch of the imei is stable, in addition that the device was going to keep me with root (losing some wonderful features like knox or the app to make payments through nfc). The problem itself happened a few moments ago, install an app that gender my phone is brickeado. I did a reset through the recovery, when I turned it on I noticed that the mobile network still worked, I proceeded to configure my Google account and the rest of the things ... the phone ran out of battery and when I turned it on again I got the "only emergency calls" sign but, I fixed the imei and I get the new one, that is to say the one that the one who released it gave me. My doubt is that if I have to do root as soon as I recover it through recovery ..... or what should I do ...... if someone could help me I would be very grateful.

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You have an option that I do not know if it works, but to try ... it is to connect it to a computer using Smart Switch or Kies and try it from there, although it gives me that when doing the recovery you have lost the root for the release, you will have to Take a sat to get it fixed ...

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