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How to use the private mode in the Galaxy S7?

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Activating Private Mode on the Galaxy S7

  • We go to Settings, Privacy and security, Private Mode
  • Once we are within this section, we will have to activate the Private Mode from the switch, in addition to taking a few minutes to establish a configuration that suits the type of experience you are looking for. Thus, you can decide to access the hidden contents of the Galaxy S7 through Private Mode either through a PIN, or using your fingerprints using the famous sensor.
  • Finished the previous step, you can begin to choose then what are the files that you intend to hide in the Private Mode of your Galaxy S7, from those in the Gallery, to the recordings of calls, applications, or anything else

Then, with the passage of time, you can continue adding more and more files to the Private Mode of the Galaxy S7, going to More in the upper right corner of each of them, and choosing the option Move to Private. The contents will be seen only if the Private mode is enabled, while if we disable it, we will get that no one else has access to all of them, which is really a luck.

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