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Hi, it's my first time around here so I hope I can express myself well to be understood.

Until yesterday everything worked perfectly on my phone (BQ Aquaris A 4.5), until I went to take a picture and I jumped a notice that said "to use the camera, insert SD card." The same thing happens when I try to open the gallery, send or download audio messages, photos or videos, make screenshots and basically anything that requires storage.

I checked that I had the SD in the slot and it was there, without any type of brand, humidity, dirt or anything (it's new, it's three months at the most).

The next thing was to check if the phone was not recognizing it, so I went to the storage settings. I was surprised to see that the phone does recognize the card, and is able to detect the available space, but I was not able to access those files in any way. "There is no card inserted"

I tried to empty it by connecting the phone to the computer but it does not recognize the files either, and when I connect the SD directly to Windows it asks me to format it in order to use it (I want to try anything before to avoid losing the files)

I hope someone around here knows what I can do to recover my files and make the card work again on the phone

Thanks in advance!

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Do you have it as it just does not like internal storage ???

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I think as internal storage, because the only option that gives me from the phone is "format as a laptop"
(I do not have much idea of this, I guess it shows)

Edito: Indeed the storage is shared. The option to "forget" the storage of the SD appears, at the risk of losing all the data.
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There is the problem, I imagined it, some bad disconnection has ruined the card.

My recommendation, although painful, I think it would be the most successful, remove the card and format it, or do it with your own mobile and leave it alone as sd, not use it internal storage, if you want to recover the photos you had (you may lose some, but they recover enough), use the program recuva that is free ... and is worth to recover things after a format ...
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Thank you very much snor.

I was afraid that formatting would be the only option. I have written to the support of BQ to see if they give me some kind of different solution, but I do not have much hope. In case you give it to me I'll put it here in case someone else is the same.

Thanks also for the recommendation of recuva, I will try to recover the things after formatting if in the end it is what I have to do ...
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