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Hello, I said urgently, because I bought a new cell phone, motorcycle g 5 s plus, because the one I have not only since November has so little memory that I do not synchronize Gmail, but I made a series of messes and one is, because I hacked a lot my accounts, I ended up losing the Chrome, and I need to know? If leaving the same account can I recover the motorcycle or do I have to start the searches in a new account, like the one that believes in this cell phone and before downloading the Chrome? Thank you

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1-When installing Google Chrome the welcome page offers the possibility of creating a user where our sessions are registered in this browser. This is the previous step in order to recover a deleted history in the future, if you have not done it, it will be impossible to achieve it.

2-If you have previously made this step, simply log in to your Google Chrome user and look at the options you have in the History section. There you will find the ones that will allow you to recover it.

3-If for some reason you have not done it, it will be impossible to recover the history, but you always have the option to register at that moment and prevent future incidents.

4-With the login session synchronization occurs. From this moment, we have created a user account in Google Chrome that is synchronized with our email, the perfect tool to recover some history deleted in the future.

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