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They repair the screen of my Samsung Grand Neo Plus and when I put my chip back and open WhatsApp, it asks me to enter the number, and then the screen is "accept and continue". I touch the button and nothing. He does not take it. I uninstalled WhatsApp and reinstalled it, and it does not let me advance from that screen, it stays frozen in "accept and continue". Does anyone know what's wrong? I appreciate who helps me!

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So broadly and according to what you tell us, it has the appearance of some fault in the touch sensor of the screen in that area.
Samsung phones have a testing option for the Hardware and so check that speakers, microphone, camera, screen etc etc work ok.
Go to the keypad of your phone as if dialing a number, type * # 0 * # (all together and without spaces) and you will get a test. Look for the "touch" option and make the drawing by running your finger through all the boxes If you do, "apparently" you should not have screen problems.

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You were right!!! The tactile fails! I have a bad screen ... Thank you!
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