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Hello everyone.

I do not know if anyone else has this problem.
To me it has been starting for a week or two the phone to restart, it asks me the pin every two or three days. He says it's for safety but I have not done anything to do this "for safety."

Always insert the card unlock pin and the unlock screen pin. It is this second pin that gives me problems. I put my code and it does not unlock the phone. He keeps the numbers on as if he had to put more information. There is no accept button or anything. I leave it and it becomes blocked, I put the code back and the same thing happens ... in the end I blocked the phone.

I've already turned it off, rebooted, removed the card ... everything. The problem is with the telephone.
Did the same thing happen to someone? Can you help me?

Thank you very much

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Good afternoon, for what you say you have generated a block code totally different from the one you had, the only solution is the factory reset of the terminal, in which you will have to put back the google mail you were using in the terminal

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What version of Android does the phone have? Did you install something before that error began? Does anyone else use or have access to your phone?
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Thanks for the reply Leon.
The phone is not used by anyone other than me. And I have not installed anything new. Simply 'for security', according to the message that appeared on my phone, it restarted only every two days (on a tablet that I have also Huawei has begun to happen the same).
I took it to repair and tried to access it internally and the phone took them back to the screen to introduce my unlock pin. I still did not accept it, so the solution was ... Send it to repair so that it can be restored to the factory.
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