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Please I need you to help me and not how this goes forum to open a new topic, I happen to have an iphone 4 in recovery mode and just when the restore finishes I get Error 16 is an error not well known and there are very few subjects related I've tried IREB timeumbrella putting it in dfu redsnow and by changing the battery with a new one and nothing at all just jumping me that error and I've already tried several weeks to fix and can not find any way please help I've tried different cables and pcs

iphone recovery error 16

how to fix error 16 in iphone 4

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iphone restoring error 16


1. Remove the back with a small cross point screw driver

2. Remove the screw that holds the battery connector

3. pop the battery connector off and and reconnect it

4. Connect device to computer

5. Place the device in DFU mode

6. Once in DFU mode carry out a restore

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Thanks worked 100% this solution great stuff
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Hi Osky Im really having trouble getting my iphone 4 out of the recovery loop. I always get the error 16 with itunes. I already tried 3 times with this method and it didnt work. I unscrewed and removed the battery connector and connected it again - for 3 times. Then I tried to restore in DFU and it didnt work. Do you have any other suggestions that could help me ? I would be damn greatful... Im really trying now for weeks and im getting to the end of my patience with my iphone and apple in general
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Update to latest iTunes before proceeding on

2. Use [third party software] to enter your device into recovery mode to fix this.

3. If still not work, try to update your iPhone on a Mac, because it is possibly the problem of Windows iTunes, so operate on a Mac to see if problems fixed.
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I then try changing usb port or a new computer, is actually a rare mistake.
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I've tried from different pcs and cables and nothing at all, I read that people were groomed putting wing flux plate and giving heat, others said it was caused by a short circuit but I no longer I have disassembled and given her wing plate dean loves the heat but still the same
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I can help someone I've opened this thread and nobody solves anything at me and I need to know how to fix it I'm going without my iphone
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Reading in a forum Apple several people made ​​it out of that mistake again by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery several times and returning to restore with DFU.



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you can find how to fix iphone 5 error 16 here

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iphone restoring error 16 100% working solution


1. Remove the back cover

2. Remove the screw that holds the battery connector

3. pop the battery connector off and reconnect it

4. Connect device to computer holding home button first while pluggin usb cable in and keep holding the home button till iphone in recovery mode (connect to itunes logo on screen display)

5. Once in RECOVERY mode carry out a restore or recovery

6. May have to REPEAT STEP 3. a FEW TIMES in order for it to work


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Step # 1: You can get iREB on the following link.

Step 2: Start iTunes.

Step 3: Connect your iDevice via USB cable and put it in DFU mode (to see how the DFU process is done, see this link).

Step 4: Close iTunes

Step 5: Start iREB.
Step 6: Select your model from the main menu.
Step # 7: You see the screen of your model will go on white or red and IREB may give an error, this is normal.

Step 8: Now go back iTunes, this will detect the iDevice in DFU mode. Press the Restore (Restore) at the same time leaving tight SHIFT key (Windows) or ALT / OPTION (OSX).

Step 9: Select the customized firmware.

Ready, let iTunes now complete the restoration process.

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