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I do not want to see pop-up  advertisements while surfing, how can I disable pop-up advertisements?

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The pop-up advertisements can generate income to its developers. These pop-ups may appear when browsing Web pages or after installing certain programs. These programs are called adware. Usually adware installed when you install certain free software. Users install the adaware unwitting only because its installation is specified in the conditions of use that almost nobody reads. Because of this the removal of adware is difficult because the user does not know its origin. When adware is installed, popup windows open even if you do not surf the Internet . Often, these programs can modify the homepages and search engines of Web browsers.This in order to generate traffic to pages of search engines. These programs can be considered as potentially unwanted programs. This same method can be used by the botnet to generate money. The botmaster installs adware on infected computers and earn money with the appearance of pop-up advertisements. 


Here is how to get rid of these pop-up advertisements. 

How to block advertising web pages

The anti-popups will not work. Current Web browsers already incorporate these tools. 
In addition, advertising on Web pages are not only in the form of popups. In Firefox, the Ad-Block extension allows blocking advertisements. For more information, see here This extension also exists for Google Chrome, to download click here

How to remove adware

Currently, the most common adware are Eorezo / TutoPC / Tuto4PC and Boxore 

To remove adware installed on your PC, you can use the AdwCleaner program. 
This program also eliminates most unwanted programs that modify the configuration of Web browsers .

  • Download AdwCleaner (from Xplode) and save it on the Desktop
  • I run it by double clicking on its icon
  • Click "Delete" and wait AdwCleaner does a scan and removes adware and other unwanted programs.

Remove bars useless tools

You can also uninstall the bars of useless tools that slow down your computer. These toolbars provide services (search engine Yahoo! or Google), and add functionality that overall navagadores and included by default. In addition, the toolbars record the pages you visit for you to send targeted advertising, which can cause problems for the protection of privacy. Because toolbars slow your PC and can hang Web browsers, it is best not to use them. To remove toolbars, go to the Windows Control Panel and uninstall the programs whose name Toolbar / Conduit: 

  • In Windows Vista / 7: Go to Start> Control Panel> Programs and Features
  • In Windows XP: Go to Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs.


Be careful with what you install if you want to install some adware and receive pop-up advertisements. As far as possible, take the time to read the terms of use when you install a program. HOSTS Anti-PUPs / adware allow filtering directions distribute these potentially unwanted porgramas. WOT can help you filter out sites that install these unwanted programs, see here . On the other hand, if you use avast! O AVG, do not forget to enable detection of PUPs / LPIs

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