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The LG G3 is one of the most popular smartphones this year, mainly due to the characteristics of innovative software. Here is a list of 10 tips and hints that will carry forth all game software of LG G3 .  

g3 lg hands on front display© AndroidPIT

1. Using Code and Knock Knock On

Although these functions are well known, can not miss in a collection of tricks on the software. As many of you know with Knock On we can turn off and turn on the display of LG G3 with only two taps. Knock Code is a way to unlock that combines Knock On a conventional pattern. Both work with screen off completely and that makes it quicker and efficient access to the interior of the LG G3. 

2. Adjust the navigation buttons

Would you rather have the button Home on the left and the  Back right? Can not find useful special key  Multitasking ? No problem, in the menu Settings -> Display 's ability to change and have it your own navigation buttons, also lets you add or remove options. What I have found most useful is that we can hide if they are not in use. 

3. Direct access to the camera

Pressing and holding the volume buttons will have access to two applications directly from standby.If we press the volume button down the camera application will open and if you press volume up land on the notes application. Unfortunately, you can not change these assignments.

4. Enable the dual window

Pressing a while on the button Back will have access to the dual window, which will allow us to open two applications simultaneously. These encontrarmos the web browser, Google Maps, e-mail, etc.The operation is very simple, just drag and drop an application on top and one on the bottom. The size ratio between the two halves can also be adjusted by sliding the middle bar. 

lg tricks g3 2 © AndroidPIT

5. Customize the keyboard

If the keyboard you find very large or very small hand, you'll be pleased to know that you can also modify. Just go to Settings -> Language & input and there access the setup menu LG keyboard where you'll find a keyboard height option through which you can fit your fingers. You can also change the layout and configure it for use with one hand or with your thumbs. 

4 g3 lg tricks© AndroidPIT

6. Have the active screen whenever we look 

This feature probably will sound to be present in Samsung devices (SmartScreen). It works the same way, we just have to activate it via the menu Settings -> Display , and will remain active whenever we are watching. 

7. Using the G3 as a remote control 

The G3 is equipped with an infrared port, so you can use it as a remote control. For this there is an application called  Quick Remote which will access through the quick settings menu. When we asked Abrila we select what type of device will use the remote control. We can save profiles of different devices.

8. Customize application icons 

If we go to Settings ->  Accessibility -> Color Adjustment  are several options to change the contrast of the screen, as well as icons of the applications. Upon entering this menu only have to drag your finger across the screen to get the color balance that we like. 

lg tricks g3 5 © AndroidPIT

Speaking of apps icons, we can change them. We just have to hold for a while over the icon in question and drop. We will see now on it is a small brush. If you click on it will access a menu with various options. 

lg tricks g3 7 © AndroidPIT

9. Quick access to some functions

We can have quick access to key functions such as volume control, power on or off, the startup screen, settings or back. This is achieved through a single button called Universal Touch and to activate is visible on any screen style Floating Touch. Access to it is within the menu Settings -> Accessibility .  

6 g3 lg tricks© AndroidPIT

Of course, surely there are more tricks LG G3. Do you know any? Share it with other users through the comments! 

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