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Good evening, as the title says I have problems downloading Chrome browser. I recently bought a z2 play motorcycle and every time I start downloading heavy files it starts downloading normally but when the screen becomes inactive after a few minutes when I see how the download is going, I find "download pending" and I have to pause it and return to give it play, I want it to download without pauses like it did on my Samsung S4. Please, I hope you can help me. regards

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What are you wanting to see? If we can know, of course. Try using another browser.

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How I broke the PC, under movies in direct download and pass them to Smart TV, but I was trying and I noticed that while the screen is on it goes down normally, but when it becomes inactive it continues downloading for 5 / 10min and when I check it says "download pending "(I have activated the wifi for idle screen) so I do not know what it can be. It is also enabled to run data in the background.
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I see. It happened to me at the time with a J7, but I was going from ROM to ROM so the problem vanished by itself.
Is it the same with any browser?
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As sbor says I would try an Internet browser better than Chrome (it's a crap) as Lightning, with advertising and tracking blocker included (you only have to activate them from Settings).

That said, keep in mind that free download servers often fail, especially in heavy files. I recommend, to download movies and series, on the phone with the Appflix application, obviously you should use it with WiFi connectivity.

The other option is to use Telegram and join download groups of series and movies, there are many. The connection from Telegram never fails because the files are hosted on Telegram servers directly.
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Thanks for replying, I have tried with firefox and the same thing happens to me, only that in this case the% of the downloaded download remains. It's tedious haha
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