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How to activate Touch ID on iPhone

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Apple recently launched the new iPhone 6 an identification system to access the phone called Touch ID, based on the footprint of the user's finger. Each phone can have several different footprints and operate as a wholly personal identification code, for example, to unlock the phone or to download applications.



1-The first thing you have to do is click Settings to access then paragraph of Touch ID and code. There, under the slogan Use Touch ID to click Unlock iPhone. Thus, as will automatically start the process to create your first fingerprint.
2-The system will display indicating you what to do at all times. You have to pose your finger on the start button, but not clicking, just put it on top. Choose a finger you then it simple to use to make the move to unlock the iPhone. The fingertip has to be dry.
3-In the first part of the process the center of your fingerprint is scanned, for this, the finger should completely cover the start button. You'll see a print screen in gray and gradually will go red coloring, as the system goes capturing your fingerprint as part of the process to activate Touch ID on iPhone. The system will ask you to lift and place your finger again several times, following the detailed instructions.
4-When you have already scanned the center of your mark, the system alerts you and then begin capturing the edges. To do this, you should pose your finger along the edges of the start button. As in the first part of the process, you'll get up and pose your finger a few times and footprint red staining will go to completion.
5-When you are your mark for Touch ID fully created, you still will be a step. You will have to provide a four-digit numerical code that will work in those cases where Touch ID is unavailable. Then, you'll have your mark created and thus see in the Settings.
6-As you see, you can add more fingerprints Touch ID for iPhone and even delete the one you just created. Additionally, you can choose if you want to also use this code for downloads from the iTunes Store and App Store.

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