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I need help, friends.

I bought a Samsung J7 Pro (SM-J730GM) with 32 GB of ROM. It's a free version and the firmware it brings is from Thailand, that's all normal there.
Yesterday 04/01/2018 an update for Thailand came out, I downloaded it on Sammobile.com and did the flash with Odin. All fine until I saw that it had 5.2 GB of free storage, before "updating" it had 19.6 GB free.
The device only recognizes me 16 GB in total, I do not know what happened or what I did wrong.
Please, if someone happened or is going through the same thing, I need help.

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I already solved the problem in a way that I thought would not work.
I reset from the factory.

Now if you recognize me the 32 GB. The error I think it is when restoring a backup.
Obvious before updating I made a backup of the device, I made the flash and restored it with smartswitch.
The error must have been generated in that step or I think so.

Also, thank you very much for trying to help me.

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