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If you are having this problem please give us some information:

Since when does it happen to you?
What device do you have? In what version of Android are you?
Did you install an update recently? Did you install an application recently?
Do you launch the game from its shortcut or using Game Launcher?
Does it happen to you in any game or in any specific game?

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The same happened to me ... turn off the cell phone, press the home, block and volume - buttons. It will come out that you are going to modify or that there was an error and it gives you 2 options:
1: press volume + to continue
2: press volume - to restart the device. I chose the 2nd option. The phone restarts without deleting anything and the games look good. At least that's what I did and it worked for me and for the moment it does not fail.
If it works for you, please notify.

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