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How can you resolve the error 651 that keeps me connected

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Solutions to error 651 in Windows 7:

First you must make sure that the internet service works, the modem works and user and password are correct PPPoE connection. If all is well, try the following.

1- Reinstall the modem and update the driver:

You should go to Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters and uninstall the modem with a right click.

Error 651 modem driver modemerror 651Desinstalando

After uninstalling we can restart the computer to detect it and install Windows again or easier, select the Action menu and click Search Hardware changes:

resintalar modemReinstalando the modem driver

This way I could solve the problem to navigate but the error reappeared from time to time, to avoid this you can find a new version of the modem driver. Windows can do this automatically, just do a right click on the Device Manager and select Update Driver Software.

modemBuscando updated driver updates

Selecting the first option check for updates in the network and if available will be installed.

2- Reset TCP / IP:

If the problem persists, you can try to reset the TCP / IP protocol to its original state so that you can use a Microsoft tool that makes it automatically, there also explain how to do it manually.

3- Replace file raspppoe.sys new one:

This was the first solution that I found and it did not work, support Microsoft also recommended. If none of the above works do not lose anything by trying.

This file is located in C: \ windows / system32 / drivers, you can rename the original to raspppoe.old and store in the same location the new file copied from another computer with Windows Vista / 7, but do not have any on hand so leave available here for download.

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