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Hi, I have an S6 to which I had to do a hard reset after that, I would not let myself into my samsung account, I entered from my PC but from my cell phone said that I had an error in the password, the question is that I saw a tutorial on how to restore it, with external applications, I did have to download many programs until in the end I could avoid the samsung, one of the programs that made me download was touchwiz and it caught my attention because when I install it and tighten it I change all the cell phone and I guess it must be from that program but I do not encourage you to uninstall it. Also download an application called pdp engine and do not let me uninstall it
The problem is that it does not let me update the software of my cell phone, it appears to me that it is already updated and is not updated.
It also does not allow me to enter my samsung account, nor do I even have the option to log in. If someone has a solution, I would greatly appreciate it. regards

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Hello When you restored, did you do it through Odin and put an official firmware? Regards!

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Hello ,

The TouchWiz is part of Samsung, so that must always exist, from the beginning. If you use another alternative it is fine, but the TouchWiz should not be removed. By the way, it is the launcher to see the application drawer.

Based on your main problem, I recommend you look for an official ROM on the SamMobile page and put it with the ODIN. If it's from Holland, the PHN, it would be better.
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